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Dispatches from Afghanistan

On the BBC's today program, Christina Lamb, a veteran combat correspondent, mentioned, with real bitterness, that journalists embedded within the British army are always subject to censorship.

"Every word... and every photograph has to first be vetted by the MOD. And I don't think the British public generally know that".

Indeed they do not. Nor that the US forces have no such restriction.

And so, she believably claims, the Army went on with inadequate equipment for far too long. Great interview - listen from 2.39.

During his interview with Humphrys, the major ... admitted only one discrepancy in his dispatches from the front when claiming that there was no lack of equipment. Everything else he brushed off by saying that he would have breached operational security by revealing the real facts and his first duty was to the army and the men under his command. This statement should have been the first line of every one of his dispatches.

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