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Tom Elgar's Insights

| less than a minute read

Billions of hours of pointless exam revision are with us again

I saw a chap of 20ish on the Tube today. He was wearing a King's College London top and pouring over a previous exam question sheet.

And that skill he was acquiring (and millions like him), to be able to absorb and briefly retain facts, is one that I have never, ever used in adult life. It is a life skill you simply do not need in almost every occupation - except possibly politics (which I think says more about that profession than the value of revision).

Effectively this means that one term in three is given over to learning a skill that is of no value to the individual or to society.

And it's sunny out, which is another reason why exams are loathsome.

Put notes everywhere On the mirror so you can read them while brushing your teeth, on the fridge, along the staircase and anywhere else you can think of.

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