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A few months ago I suggested that 'it's so easy even my 9 year old son can use it!' might be a good pitch for Passle.

'Booooo!' said basically everyone. Of course a 9 year old can. But a 45-year old partner in a global law firm? That's a very different question.

As it turns out not every blogging platform is as easy as Passle but that's not to say that a competent 9 year old can't master them in 15 minutes flat.

In it peace-loving hobbit Frodo Baggins and his gardener Samwise Gamgee set off on an epic quest to destroy the Ring of Power and with it the dark lord Sauron. Tolkien used much inspiration from Norse and Scandinavian mythology, for example ,the wandering wizard Gandalf bears much resemblance to Odin [nicknamed 'The Wanderer']


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I'm look forward to giving this a go. The gap between the learning-to-code apps and the actually-coding apps is pretty big at the moment....

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