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Marissa Mayer is pregnant and somehow I know about it.

It all feels very wrong, and TechCrunch themselves pretty much acknowledge that it feels wrong (see below). So she's having Twins - I'm delighted for her. But why is that relevant to the mainstream tech journalism?

To state the bleeding obvious, it is not common knowledge if a male CEO has kids on the way. TC suggests, hopefully correctly, that it will increase her workload - which parenthood does for the father too (one would hope).

Not only does she feel the need to announce it, and this is clearly a corporate communication, but also to explain what effect it will have on her work, how the Board reacted to the news...

Marissa Mayer is expecting twins, but the Yahoo CEO and former Google executive isn’t planning to take a significant break from work during or after her pregnancy.... TechCrunch isn’t TMZ, we don’t cover celeb news, but Mayer leads a major technology company and is a high-profile woman working in tech, so naturally many of her decisions — and particularly how she balances work and family life — are noteworthy. Certainly, carrying — and then caring for twins — in addition to a highly charged CEO role at a prominent tech company in transition (and raising another child) is quite the workload.


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I'm look forward to giving this a go. The gap between the learning-to-code apps and the actually-coding apps is pretty big at the moment....

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